Chelsea striker Didier Drogba was ‘injured’ for 6 minutes 30 seconds against Barcelona

Posted by - April 20, 2012 - Champions League, Chelsea

Didier Drogba’s various ailments held up play for 6mins 30secs during Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final first-leg against Barcelona.

The great stat has been dug up by the Daily Mail. They have clocked all the time the Ivorian spent rolling around the ground. And it turns out that it was a very effective way of running down the clock against Barca, even if most of it did come before Drogba had even bagged his goal for the Blues.

The Mail’s Drogba Watch reports:

4th minute: Penalised for a foul on Sergio Busquets (Down for 12 seconds)
14th minute: Clashes again with Busquets, Barcelona play on before Carlos Puyol puts ball out of play. (Out of action for 70 seconds)
34th minute: The Ivorian goes down under a challenge from Puyol inside his own area, exaggerating the contact the defender’s boot makes with his face. (Down for 12 seconds)
35th minute: From a Petr Cech goal kick, Drogba goes down after an aerial clash with Busquets (Doesn’t feature for 110 seconds)
38th minute: Drogba falls to the ground winded and lies prostrate on the ground. “He needs to get on with it,” says Andy Townsend on commentary. (Down for 60 seconds)
45th minute: Goes down theatrically under challenge from Puyol. (Down for 15 seconds)

First-Half total: 4 minutes 37 seconds

51st minute: Tries to slide tackle Lionel Messi. (Down for 2 seconds)
65th minute: Draws a foul from Javier Mascherano in the view of referee Felix Brych. The defender indicates he thinks the striker dived. (Down for 3 seconds)
67th minute: Suffers what looks like a groin injury in challenge with Puyol. Brych stops play. “Drogba goes down yet again,” says Clive Tyldesley. (Down for 100 seconds)
86th minute: Booked for a slide tackle on Messi. Lies on the floor in a clear attempt at time-wasting. (Down for 10 seconds)

Second-Half Total: 1 minute 53 seconds

Total time wasted: 6 minutes 30 seconds

Image: Twitter/zicaton

  • Babak Golriz

    Ray Wilkins needs to have a word with Didier

  • Anonymous

    My word, that’s a good comment.

  • Guest

    He really was injured by the footballers from FC Barcelona. He was a hero and scored the winning goal.

  • Sports Bettor

    6 minutes is a long time. I didn’t see the game, but I imagine that he was killing time for some of it.

  • Randy Treibel

    Almost all of it.

  • Kaiel

    The contact was extremely slight in half of those fouls.  One of them he even went up to lean on Busquettes in the air, and when Busquettes moved out of the way Drogba had no one to lean on and fell on his side like a fool.

    The whole time he was falling, holding his face when there was little to no contact anywhere on his body letalone his face.  He was despicable that game, don’t even come here trying to defend someone who played in a way that would cause the demise to soccer.

    It’s the reason so many people in the US hate soccer.  They all recognize players dive so much and that’s what makes them call it a ‘bitch sport’  Players like Drogba ruin it for the players that get hit, fall, and get right back up and into the game.

  • guest2

     Agree completely, I watched this game and had no hard feelings about Drogba going into it, but watching him play and watching all these incidents made me leave the game with a lack of respect for the guy. 

  • Alargebrimmedhat

    The dude stopped a civil war in Cote d’Ivoire and his off field humanitarianism is amazing. Whatever he does on the pitch, I don’t care, I’ll always love him. 

  • Neil

    1/500? Surely if it’s “Drogba to stay on his feet” then it should be 500/1