GIF It: Liverpool’s Luis Suarez in fresh handshake controversy

Posted by - April 29, 2012 - GIF It, Liverpool, Norwich City

Now Luis Suarez knows how Patrice Evra felt!

Liverpool’s hat-trick hero got so carried away with his goalscoring exploits against Norwich that he attempted to shake hands with a Norwich City steward, who happened to be positioned at the end of a row of match officials.

Presumably a Canaries fan and in no mood to exchange pleasantries with the man who had been his side’s nemesis for the past 90mins, the steward snubbed Suarez’s outstretched arm.

Fellow striking superstar Grant Holt was (literally) on hand to make sure the Uruguayan wasn’t left hanging for too long.

Images: BBC

  • Nick

    are u for real!!! oh my God how dare he 😮

  • Anonymous


  • Ross

    so what

  • PeterLFC

    HAHA Lovin it I seen this happen and knew someone would highlight it he didn’t seem as upset as that lyre evra.

  • Jonnymc

            nice one suarez keep doing it lad

  • Micky

    Suarez stuck his hand out in both instances, maybe the article should of started with the steward now knows how Evra felt when he dodged Suarez’ outreached hand!

    Although that doesn’t sound as good, maybe you were right to make something else up, I think the Murdock empire are on the lookout for up and coming Journalists, you should send in a cv and this article!!

  • Stewartjonesy

    I thought Suarez skipped the steward because he turned to shake hands with Holt

  • Dw

    Ha!  At least he didn’t cry and squeal about it and try to grab the steward’s hand!  Took it on the chin and moved on!  Now that’s how to behave!

  • Anonymous

    Ban him.  He’s obviously racist against white people.

    If you look at the video properly you can also see Suarez spewing insults at the guy as he passes.  But don’t let him watch this too because he’ll lie to you that he was only saying thank you.  Just take my word for it and ban him.  That sly Uruguayan.