Spartak Moscow fans make the Zenit St Petersburg lion do unspeakable things with a giant penis

Posted by - April 2, 2012 - Football videos, Oddballs

Football banners used to take the form of a hastily assembled slogan painted onto an old bedsheet (probably with a spelling mistake or two).

That’s no longer the case, especially not in Russia by the looks of it. Spartak Moscow fans taunted opponents Zenit St Petersburg by bringing in a banner of the Zenit mascot – a lion – and making him, erm, orally pleasure a giant penis banner they also happened to have lying around.

In the style of a pop-up (pun partly intended) book, the lion’s mouth has a hole cut in it to accommodate the prop.

Full marks for creativity, although we can’t help but think that lion-based erotic cartoons belong on very specialist Tumblr sites rather than on the terraces.