Top 10 Champions League semi-final conclusions: Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea (2-3 on agg.)

Posted by - April 24, 2012 - Champions League, Chelsea, Conclusions, Lists

1. Unbeilevable. Just about the most dramatic Champions League semi-final you could imagine.

2. Suddenly £50million is looking like a bit of a snip. But you know what he was thinking as he went through one-on-one.

3. The prospect of Gerard Pique heading off for medical checks and Shakira being left unaccompanied for the evening was too much for John Terry.

4. JT’s stupidity in kneeing Alexis Sanchez in the back was laughable. Just not quite as laughable as his excuse. He can count himself very lucky that his troops somehow rallied without their brave leader.

5. Gary Neville thinks he’s a Spanish commentator.

6. Talking of Red Nev, we’d love to be able to conclude that was the first time that Fernando Torres has caused him to orgasm, but we have absolutely no evidence to back up that assertion.

7. Chelsea’s Real Madrid fancy dress outfit worked a treat.

8. There’s obviously a lot to be said for parking the bus in front of the goal. Then dismantling various parts of the bus. Then using whatever spare parts of the bus you can find to block as much of the goal as possible.

9. Spare a thought for Alex. Gets itchy feet under AVB and quits. If he was still there now he’d have played in a semi-final victory over Barcelona and be set to start in the Champions League final.

10. We don’t suppose you put any money on Sergio Busquets to be first goalscorer, Lionel Messi to miss a penalty, Fernando Torres to score last and Chelsea to progress, but congratulations if you did. What a match.

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