Top 10 conclusions: Chelsea 1-0 Barcelona

Posted by - April 19, 2012 - Champions League, Chelsea, Conclusions, Lists, Spain

1. It’s not very often that you can celebrate a first-leg win, but you can forgive Chelsea for enjoying this one.

2. Didier Drogba is back to his best… and worst. The goal-scoring hero seems to believe his recent good form has earnt him the right to spend prolonged periods in a horizontal position once again.

3. OTP has never previously seen a match in which Messi’s name has been so apt. Miskicks, losing possession to give Chelsea their goal and even losing his trademark balance to slip over at one point.

4. Presumably during shooting practice at La Masia, Sergio Busquets was sent away to some sort of one-man remedial class where he could spoon balls over the bar in peace.

5. Carlos Puyol has discovered that not all English gents are polite and honourable.

6. Andy Townsend spent most of the evening talking about double-teaming with Ashley Cole. Aight, Andy.

7. Possession is not nine-tenths of the score.

8. One of the linesman looked like he had a £50-a-day habit. Either that or he borrowed Jonathan Woodgate’s sunken eyes for the evening.

9. Roberto Di Matteo is dangerously close to getting a big contract, six months in charge on a permanent basis and then a massive pay-off.

10. Roman Abramovich’s club is up there with the likes of Rubin Kazan at last.

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  • Anonymous

    ITV’s commentators are a joke all they did was bang on about Barcelona and Messi ,for christ sake support the English team for once.