Didier Zokora v Emre: Let’s kick racism in the balls

Posted by - May 6, 2012 - Football videos, Oddballs


You might recall that last month’s clash between Turkish sides Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce saw an ugly racist incident involving former Premier League stars Didier Zokora and Emre.

Former Newcastle midfielder Emre admitted the incident in which he reportedly called the ex-Spurs man a “dirty n***er”.

Zokora got his revenge today though. Before the match he pointedly refused to shake hands with Emre by tucking his arm behind his back (thus avoiding any Suarez/Evra conspiracy theories).


He wasn’t finished there though. As you can see in the top video, he gladly picked up a yellow card for giving Emre a swift kick to the testicles!

Thanks to Ulas for the tip.

  • ballstothevolley

     Emre Belözoğlu is one hell of a racist sob.He deserved that.Waste of oxygen.Bravo Zokora.

  • Hafhq

    lets kick racism in the nuts

  • english man

    great kick….


    emre accept it he said racist words to zokora… he accept it on tv… turkish football federation rules says 8 match banned for racist words… but turkish football federation give him just 2 match ban ! this is why we says turkish football federations is not feDeration, is feNeration ! Bize Her Yer Trabzon :))

  • http://twitter.com/Official_MrOner Mr. Oner

    You are wonderfull ZOKORA.. Great Kick..

  • Fulhamtnc

    it wasnt end . zokora will come Kadıköy .

  • 1967

    siktirlan yarrağım

  • xxxxxxx

    Saying nothing about the racisim is proved with the audiovisual video. Also I think that, Emre was magnanimous and he gave a hand to Zokoro, but he refused to shake hands. Therefore, Zokoro’s action was an evil-disposed and it is penalized with the red cards all over the world.
    Also, don’t you be ashamed to publish on internet like a news without content awareness?