Top 10 conclusions: Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United

Posted by - May 1, 2012 - Conclusions, Lists, Manchester City, Manchester United, Premier League

1. Sir Alex Ferguson is like an inventor who’s suffered great misfortune at the hands of his own invention. It looks like squeaky bum time has come back to haunt him.

2. The two managers seemed determined to settle their score in the only way they know: a pitchside dance-off of The Birdie Song.

3. Talking of determination, ultimately it was Vincent Kompany’s determination to get his head on the ball that was the difference between the two sides.

4. Say what you like about City potentially buying the title, but Liam Gallagher and Diego Maradona singing The Beatles is a pretty rock ‘n’ roll post-match celebration in any club’s books.

5. Fergie is probably regretting bringing Blackburn boss Steve Kean in for that special shooting practice session last week.

6. Mario Balotelli is a far happier sub than he’s ever looked on the pitch.

7. Referee Andre Marriner is a keen recycler of plastic bags. Straight into his pocket went the one he found on the pitch last night.

8. Yaya Toure can get great bounce from a football. But he also got a yellow card for his troubles during his act of dissent.

9. This might be the end of Ji-Sung Park’s career as a ‘big game player’. Unless Fergie’s going to give him some games in between the big games, it’s asking a bit too much of him to slot into the side for the supposed title-decider.

10. It’s wide open again… and it’s City’s turn to have the upper hand. *Squeak*

  • Ian Hunter

    11. Niall Quinn’s most favourite word is undoubtedly ‘tenacity’. Lost count of the number of times he said it on Sky’s coverage last night.