Arsenal’s decision not to pursue Yann M’Vila… and five other Arsene Wenger transfer fiascos

Posted by - July 24, 2012 - Arsenal, Lists, Transfer News and Gossip

Newspaper reports suggest Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has cooled his interest in French midfielder Yann M’Vila because he feels his squad is already adequately prepared in that department.

Despite rumours claiming Jack Wilshere may not play again until October, Wenger believes that signing M’Vila would have an adverse effect on the potential of the injury-prone Abou Diaby.

He even claimed that Diaby would walk into the France national team if fully fit. That may not be quite true, and Diaby’s fitness record suggests him staying off of the treatment table long enough to make an international squad – let alone starting eleven – would be a challenge in itself.

But this is not the first time Arsenal’s manager has overlooked a potential signing, citing how another player in his squad would suffer as a consequence as the reason for not opening the club’s chequebook…

1. Jose Enrique
Last summer Gael Clichy’s £7m move to Manchester City left a gaping hole in Arsenal’s squad at left-back. Wenger felt that moving for Newcastle’s Jose Enrique would put the blockers on young Kieran Gibbs’ development, so he opted for Andre Santos instead. While Santos has looked OK when called upon, Enrique would have been an upgrade, and Gibbs spent a large part of the season injured anyway.

2. Xabi Alonso
Arsenal were set to capitalise on the Xabi Alonso/Gareth Barry/Rafael Benitez debacle at Liverpool in 2008, with Wenger putting a bid in for the Spaniard. However as Alonso was travelling down to London, Liverpool insisted for more money and Wenger called off the deal, stating that publicly that he didn’t want to ‘kill’ Denilson. Arsenal fans are now likely to suggest that wouldn’t have been the worst thing, as the Brazilian has just spent the last season back in his homeland on loan.

3. Yaya Toure
Yaya Toure – the man driving the Man City revolution from midfield last season – could well have ended up playing in the red of Arsenal instead if things had been different. While at the Gunners’ feeder club Beveren, Yaya trialled at Arsenal after a recommendation from brother Kolo, who was playing for the club at the time. But no permanent deal was done. Yaya played in a friendly game against Barnet, but Wenger decided he had enough midfield options in his squad and let the Ivorian move onto Olympiakos. A big mistake in hindsight.

4. Juan Mata
Another transfer Arsenal could have secured last summer was that of European Championship winner Juan Mata. A clause in his Valencia contract allowed Arsenal to agree in principle a deal of around £21m, but the club dithered on finalising the signing because of the situations with Cesc Fabreags and Samir Nasri, and Chelsea eventually swooped in.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
PSG’s most recent signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic could have been an Arsenal player, and picture evidence suggests he would have suited the club’s colours too. However, when the big Swede was available for transfer from Malmo, Wenger wanted him to come on trial first. Ibrahimovic said he didn’t do trials, negotiations broke down and he joined Ajax instead.

  • Not

    Lol, a mix of distorted history and small minded government like ‘think only of the here and now’ to suit the needs of a sensational story!

    1. Yes Gibbs (and Santos) spend large parts of the season injured BUT if we brought a new player every time another got injured we’d have a wage bill twice that of Man City and Madrid combined and a complete lack of cohesion in a huge squad.

    2. Hindsight gives you a wonderful advantage doesn’t it? But well done nether the lass, the Alonso is the one call you get right.

    3. Yaya Toure: The only reason this didn’t go ahead was due to work permit issues

    4. Juan Mata: Chelski at the last moment offered a ridiculous wage that a club not without a sugar daddy could ever meet.

    5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the guy has talent but his ego has laid waste to so much more potential, Wenger was damn right to demand a trial off him, if only to demonstrate that the club and it’s values are bigger (regardless of the club) than any player or manager combined.

    Sorry if I’ve missed some points, or gone over some bits you just brushed over, but I have to go now to a real job, dealing with factual diagnosis rather than re-branded ill researched crap in the name of scoring a bit more advertising room  


  • Anonymous

    1. Enrique could have been signed before Santos. At what point does the article suggest bringing someone in every time a player gets injured?

    2. Steady on, lass.

    3. Wenger also said he was “completely average”. Arsenal have been a lot more patient loaning players out and waiting for work permits in other instances.

    4. Again, it could have already been in the bag.

    5. Zlatan’s ego is hardly a big secret, but it’s safe to say he could have done a job for the Gunners over the past few years.

    Enjoy you real job. Glad you’re not ‘factually diagnosing’ anything to do with us considering basic comprehension appears to be a problem.

  • Ann Onymous

    Hey Not.
    How do you reckon Ibra’s ego has laid waste so much more potential… I can’t figure that one out, he’s one of the most technical players in the world, and add to that an amazing footballing brain. And read this! Last season with Milan was the FIRST season since he turned professional, that his team hasn’t won the championship. That’s truly amazing, not even Messi or Ronaldo can compare with that!! I would just say that his ego and winning mentality has got him where he is, and the clubs he played for to win trophies.

  • Huhuh

    4. Mata’s wage isn’t that high for a top class footballer, he’s on less than £70,000 p/w which Arsenal could afford. You’ve gotta take into account that he’d be one of Arsenal’s star players as well, players like Walcott, Gervinho and Arteta are on similar (if not higher in some of these cases) wages as Mata got offered at Chelsea.

  • Huhuh

    4. Mata’s wage isn’t that high for a top class footballer, he’s on less than £70,000 p/w which Arsenal could afford. You’ve gotta take into account that he’d be one of Arsenal’s star players as well, players like Walcott, Gervinho and Arteta are on similar (if not higher in some of these cases) wages as Mata got offered at Chelsea.

  • iain

    No OTP MOD- It is you that suffers with a lack of comprehension – you rude arse.

    Firstly, some of your opines are wrong so dont get uppity when people put you straight. Secondly- a blog is a social media experience- you are asking for feedback by posting- if you dont like that part of the equation- do something else.

    1- Enrique could have been signed but what makes you think he is any better than what we have- did we beat Liverpool the other week- yep. Were we above them last season- Yep

    2- Alonso- great player- missed opportunity but then Song wouldnt have developed the way he did so a glass half full in my book

    3- Ya Ya- work permit problems and maybe at the time he wasnt all that- with hindsight you really are a top football commentator eh- how about challenging Juventus to ask how they feel the Thierry Henry deal went for them OR ask Milan how they thought Vieira was shit and sold him to us for threepence halfpenny. Players do get better- mangers do not have crystal balls

    4- Mata should have been bought- Chelsea offered more – simple. The players head was turned in that direction. I would liked to have seen them try harder to get him but alas they didnt. My understanding is that Chelsea made it clear that whatever we went in with- they would trump it.

    5- Ibra- please please please get a grip- great striker, can be lazy as feck and poor attitude. Basically a more effective Adebayour with the same traits however- loads of club moves (7) for lots of money. Ibra leaving Malmo remember was way back in 2001- – we had Henry, Bergkamp and Pires and Llungberg as our front line. How would a very young Ibra made a diiference to that.

    Your revisionist perspective does need to be pulled up so either stop being a blog nazi or sop blogging.

  • bergkampisgod

    Diaby walked into the 1st French team of the season