Chelsea’s John Terry picks up his second Olympic gold

Posted by - August 2, 2012 - Chelsea, Oddballs

After rowing to victory for his first Olympic gold, Chelsea captain John Terry is celebrating again after his incredible cycling success alongside John Terry.

No need for shin pads on this occasion, but you do have make some sort of effort…

Top image via 101GG

  • Me

    Isn’t this joke old already??  Was it even funny in May?

  • anton1r

    Not even close to unfunny, JT is big headed idiot of a man who needs torn into at every available opportunity! 

  • Me

    Yeah but come up with something new FFS.  It’s just the same joke again and again……

  • ginger

    Because it’s hilarious?!

  • Smokeybarr

    The guy is unstoppable!