Manchester City fans attacked by police in Madrid

Posted by - September 19, 2012 - Manchester City

Manchester City suffered late heartache against Real Madrid last night, with a late Ronaldo goal sealing a 3-2 win for Jose Mourinho’s side, who had twice been behind in what was a wonderful second half.

However, the game was marred by pre-match scenes in which eyewitness reports claimed that Spanish police attacked Manchester City fans who were congregating at a bar in Madrid city centre.

The above video shows them travelling on the Spanish underground, but problems began when they emerged and visited a strip of bars, milling around outside in good spirits.

Furthermore, this was not a random fan that was making the claims, but instead Manchester City matchday presenter Natalie Pike.

Pike explained the situation on Twitter:

Just watched spanish police batter city fans. A big group of about 100 of us outside a bar opposite the stadium and they tore in battons (sic) up. Been going football 20 years never seen anything like it. On my life city fans doing nothing but singing and having fun. Women, kids, teenagers, all treated like scum. So out of order. Am so upset.

One suspects that UEFA will be urged to investigate the incident, but thankfully it seems that no City fans were seriously hurt in the incident.

  • pleb

    dont go to Madrid for a holiday just post it and social media will do the rest. Police might be a little more restrained next time with other supporters