Tottenham boss Andre Villas Boas angling for job as Michel Platini’s underling if Spurs doesn’t work out

Posted by - September 21, 2012 - Europa League, Tottenham

Spurs manager Andre Villas Boas knows only too well that a Premier League manager could easily find themselves out of work before the end of the season.

We presume that’s why he used his post-match press conference after Spurs’ 0-0 draw with Lazio to suck-up to Uefa boss Michel Platini.

AVB launched his manifesto for a greater appreciation of the Europa League – Platini’s brainchild – among English clubs. So, if the Portuguese manager again finds himself out of work again, he could always take on some sort of ambassadorial role with Uefa.

He said: “I’m extremely happy for the effort that we put in. We’re in a competition where we are trying to change the way we look at it in this country, as difficult as it looks.”

Of course, since a Europa League victory is currently the number one achievement on AVB’s CV, he has good cause to campaign for the competition to be taken a bit more seriously.

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    You should try writing something insightful which will attract people to this site, and maybe encourag them to return to read future posts. Instead, you spout one-sided drivel, and revel in your bias, thereby guaranteeing that the I will never return, and the name of Rob Parker will forever be burned into my memory as anti-AVB. Why would you do such a childish, amateurish thing?

  • AVB

    Awful story, awful writer – good luck in your future career, whatever it is just remember AVB is on whatever you earn in most likely a month.

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    Childish,Pathetic article.

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    What’s the matter with the press? What a terrible article. You could have spun it as ‘Spurs manager plays clever politics for good of his club’ but no. You are on the anti-AVB bandwagon. Try thinking for yourself. You should be ashamed. Find someone else to pick on. Try Harry Redknapp, who won domestic Cup all his career. He would love to win the Europa League. AVB did better in 1 season than Harry did in several DECADES!!!!

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    I see that you fall into the ‘anyone whose against ‘Arry is against us category’ ……. so I therefore condemn your site to the dustbin of history or, to put it another way, hide you on my NewsNow Tottenham page. That way I don’t need to read such dishonest rubbish.

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    Any manager would be lucky to have such a high ranking position in football. AVB has had enough shit come his way on top of this spin article, flame bait is what it is.