Tottenham manager Andre Villas Boas’ hilarious response to Hugo Lloris ‘frustration’ question

Posted by - September 28, 2012 - Football videos, Tottenham

Spurs boss Andre Villas Boas tied a journalist up in knots during a press conference after he was asked if he understood Hugo Lloris’ frustration over not being in the team.

AVB soon turned the tables by asking a few questions of his own. The journo was left backpedaling furiously and claiming to have asked a different question than the one he had actually asked!

The original question was: “Andre, do you understand Hugo Lloris’ frustration about the situation, because you did pay a lot of money for him?”

That prompted the following exchange:

AVB: “What is the frustration?”

Journalist: “Well, the frustration at not being in the team.”

AVB: “How do you know?”

Journalist: “Well, he didn’t play last night, did he?”

AVB: “How do you know he’s frustrated?”

Journalist: “No, I’m asking you, do you find him frustrated?”

And so it continues until AVB wins by way of technical knockout.

Watch the full exchange in the video above.

  • luke thfc

    go avb sick of the media constantly barracking him

  • fred


  • Anonymous

    It made us laugh anyway…

  • sigg43

    I loved this. Its about time certain members of the media get put in their place regarding their constant assumptions and pot stirring!

    The guy wasn’t ‘asking’, he was assuming and therefore implying that Hugo was frustrated. So, while I might not completely agree with AVB’s handling of Lloris, I absolutely loved his handling of this smart-arse reporter.
    Listening to the “journo” squirm and back-track was hilarious. Well done Andre!

  • Eating Beans

    But a stupid question can be avoided without being aggressive or irritable, and provoking the very people that are causing trouble for you. What will the journo in question write? Will it be “AVB is right. He’s great and we as journalists should get behind him.” Or will it be “AVB reacted aggressively when it came to the goalkeeping issue at Spurs.”

    Not very bright you lot, are you?

    Nor is AVB come to think of it.

  • spur1950

    “not very bright you lot” ,bright enough to know that one bit of back tracking by another arse wipe journalist they will twist everything around to suit themselves, no matter what, plus they are not going to leave him alone ,and it seems they want him to fail no matter what ,and they are trying pretty hard ,by driving divisions between him the fans and the media
    simples! ” no we are not very bright”
    oh for forgot redcrapp as well the media darling playing football fantasy manager
    about sums you up mate

  • MauriceTHFC

    Agree with the previous response; why should AVB say Lloris is frustrated just because the media say he is?!

  • Spursguv

    Whether you like AVB or not the EPL is a more interesting place with him in it. Fair play to him for giving it back. He’s going to cop it from the media no matter what. Rednapp made me sick to my stomach the way he courted the media and bled his heart dry using every excuse under the sun..oops usually in it too (pardon the pun). He has far more respect from me in this short term than rednapp could ever buy. But then again I have little time for weak people who use any and every method to avoid being held accountable for what they say. You usually find these people are of very little substance and hardly ever speak the truth. Parliment is full of them.

  • nick

    I bet the journo asking the question was one of Redtwat’s buddy.

  • Booooooooooo

    Oh come on, I guess it doesn’t matter what the writer would say because we all just saw it and are able to draw our own conclusions, huh? If we could do this for every quote a coach/manager has we wouldn’t have to rely on the media, who do nothing but frame stories in effort to stir the pot? Sometimes you have to get prickly, just ask Sir Alex or the Special one- to criticize AVB here is, in this case, absurd.

  • Ang Kee Ming

    Does it surprise you this guy has low EQ? His track record at Chelsea illustrated that perfectly, doing juvenile things liks banning Anelka from Chelsea dinners. hahaha. I for one, am greatly bemused by AVB.