Huge brawl at Minnesota high school match

Posted by - October 23, 2012 - Football videos, MLS & US

Something’s up in America at the moment. Last week we brought you the American college girl who kneed her opponent in the face, and today footage of a quite ridiculous fight in an American high school match in Minnesota.

Totino Grace were playing Prairie Seeds (the team names were as disgraceful as the violence), and the game was to decide whichteam would progress to the state championship. After Prairie Seeds won the match 2-1, a fight broke out between two opposing players, in which punches were thrown.

Rather than trying to break up the fight more players joined in with the brawl, and then coaching staff and fans, rather than taking the moral high ground, did exactly the same.

Fair to say that both sides can expect severe punishments, and it is unclear whether the Seeds will be able to take part in the state championships.

Spotted on 101GG