Arsenal send out ‘Junior Gunners’ packs featuring Robin Van Persie and Alex Song

Posted by - November 8, 2012 - Arsenal

Arsenal are struggling on the field at the moment, and it seems that off the field it isn’t all going swimmingly either.

The club has received complaints recently after membership packs to new Junior Gunners feature Robin Van Persie and Alex Song. Both players left in the summer for pastures new, with Van Persie’s move in particular leaving fans feeling bitter, something this recent balls up will do little to dampen.

Fan Elliot Gerner paid the £20 membership fee for his son and was annoyed to receive the pack featuring drawings of RVP on the front, and he made his feelings clear to the Daily Star:

“It is an absolute disgrace. They are the two most prominent players and neither of them play for us any more. This is a season where they have put up the price of season tickets and sold our best players, but they can’t afford to reprint this. My son was supposed to be excited about his and instead he’s asking why Van Persie is on the front.”

  • Arsenal4Ever

    get a life it’s only a drawing & these were all done before the transfer window opened… complain about something more worthwhile… like not buying enough players in the summer to compensate for those 2 leaving!

  • ibrah

    poor Arsenal