Independiente fans throw firecracker at rival goalkeeper

Posted by - November 15, 2012 - South America

Yes it is South America. And so yes, we should expect a degree of the mental, but surely this has to stop?

Independiente hosted Belgrano last night, and with their side struggling in the Apertura and losing the game 1-0 at half time, home fans decided to take matters into their own hands.

They threw a firecracker at Belgrano goalkeeper Juan Olave, who was then struck by debris when the item exploded upon hitting the pitch. As his team mates rushed over to assist Olave, fans pelted more items at them, forcing them to flee to the sanctity and safety of the halfway line.

After a delay whilst the goalkeeper was treated, the referee decided to abandon the game, and Independiente should surely accept a punishment for the behavious of their hooligans.