Japanese Journalist travels 6,000 miles to watch postponed match

Posted by - November 29, 2012 - Asia, Scotland

I’ll be honest, I’m annoyed when I travel six miles to play Sunday League football and find out the game has been postponed because the referee is hungover, but this would really p*ss me off.

Japanese football reporter Daisuke Nakajima travelled 6,000 miles from Tokyo to report on the plight of Rangers in he Scottish Third Division. He made the point of attending Elgin play Rangers, only to find out on arrival that the game had been called off because the home side has mistakenly sold too many tickets for the game.

The journalist took the news in unbelievably good humour:

The match at Elgin looked particularly interesting and unusual and I made arrangements to cover it. But I opened my paper when I was almost at Elgin and discovered the game was off. I immediately contacted my editor and he told me just to go to Elgin anyway as everything was booked. He considers the game being called off under these circumstances an even better story than the one I thought I was going to get.

A fourteen hour flight and five hour train journey and tha’s his reaction? Bloody hell.

Image tweeted: @DailyMail