Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson slams Liverpool for wasting Michael Owen’s potential

Posted by - November 19, 2012 - Liverpool, Manchester United

Now, this might not go down too well down Anfield Way. Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has voiced his frustration and disappointment at the way Michael Owen’s potential was managed by Liverpool – claiming the Reds overplayed the prolific poacher and thereby stunted his ascendancy to become one the game’s greats.

Owen – who bagged 40 goals for England – has certainly been beset by injuries throughout his career and never quite joined the likes of Ronaldinho, Zinedine Zidane and big-boned Ronaldo at the top table of his generation’s talents.

Delivering his controversial hunch on why that was, Fergie said: “You can play too much football, particularly young players growing and developing physically. That’s exactly what happened with Michael.

“He would’ve been a far better player if he’d been allowed to improve technically and develop rather than playing all the time.”

Looking back on the Stoke forward’s exemplary appearance figures of yesteryear there are certainly some remarkable stats to be found. Most notably, after setting France 98 alight, Owen returned to play 40 games for Liverpool – all that whilst still at the age of just 18. Not exactly bedding the youngster in gently to the rigour of one of the world’s most demanding leagues.

Alluding to Owen’s somewhat unversatile status on the pitch, Fergie added: “I don’t think he was allowed to develop technically, as he himself said to me when I discussed it with him.

“It’s maybe a bit churlish to say that’s the reason he wasn’t better. I think he would have been better technically but he was still a fantastic player.”

What do you think? Is Ferguson talking cobblers and excusing his own inability to get the best out of Owen during his woefully disappointing stint at Old Trafford or is the old owl serving up some wisdom that Liverpool should take heed off – especially with 17-year-old Raheem Sterling pinning down a regular place in the starting eleven?

  • kmt

    Why is ferguson so obsessed with Liverpool, he accused Liverpool of ruining players and anyone who terrorises his defence is branded a diver,does anyone remember ashley young, rooney and ronaldo just to name a few of his player’s, get a life Rudolf before the men in white coats come calling.

  • Victor

    HRH!! I think it is perhaps disrespectful to critisize another club for their handling of a player. Its also amusing that he compared his management of player like Ronnie Wallwork etc History has shown that this player never hit his potential at Man U & was sold off. So where does this theory come to bear? U simply couldnt get the best out of him & are now apportioning blame to others. Isnt it true that the player himself slated you & said his move to Man U was a wrong one!!
    You need to handle your own affairs with dignity and not appropriate blame to others who have handled their affairs in their own way.

  • sean

    fergie Is a prize bell….fact!

  • Johnny boy.

    I.e “don’t play Raheem Sterling” and “young players should avoid Lfc”.
    Why say this? Because “sir” ferguson is intimidated by liverpools new, young crop of players especially given that he is still reliant on Giggs and Scholes and has never really replaced his ‘golden generation’. His team is not good enough in Europe and can’t beat Norwich who Lfc battered. This also explains his Suarez fixation.
    Don’t worry Fergie, you can always intimidate the referees if you need to.

  • Anonymous

    Giggs played over 50 games a season at 18. Even though Giggs is still playing he has had hamstring problems all through his career!
    Rooney 43 games when he joined Man U at 18 after playing 77 games from the age of 16 no rest for Rooney when he joined Man U! Rooney picks up injuries.
    Ronaldo at 18 played over 40 games!

    Owen injured his anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee at the 2006 World Cup playing for England he had not properly recovered from a broken metatarsal earlier in the season December 05 only played 11 games that season shouldn’t have gone to the World Cup, these were the 2 injuries that finished Owen off at Newcastle and his career since.

  • Beckham

    Ferguson crazy,stupid…childish