Newcastle Jets striker Michael Bridges backs team-mate Emile Heskey for an England recall

Posted by - November 2, 2012 - Down Under, England

Australia’s new footballing superstar Emile Heskey had been tipped for an England recall by his Newcastle Jets team-mate Michael Bridges.

The former Sunderland and Leeds (and lots of other clubs) striker reckons Heskey can still offer Andy Carroll some stiff competition for the role of England shire horse.

Bridges said: “England’s current No.9 is Andy Carroll, and while I certainly have nothing against him, I feel Emile could certainly still offer something for his country again were the chance to arise.

“He’s done many good things for England in the past and people who understand the game acknowledge that.

“As for playing for England again, personally I would say why not?”

The very same question Sven Goran Eriksson used to ask himself, Michael.

Bridges added: “In football terms, he has found a new lease of life. He’s become a hero over here very fast, whereas in England some people always picked on the negatives.

“In Australia the feelings and sentiments couldn’t be more different, and long may that continue.”

A few more goals on Heskeycam and anything is possible.

  • Davo

    You can’t be serious??? As an Australian I can honestly say that if any A League player ever pulled on an England jersey the national team would be a complete shambles – 10 times over what they currently are!! You would be lucky to get 6000 to a jets game and not many more would watch on TV so to state he is a hero I would ask to who? The fact Heskey is scoring in the A League is purely down to the standard of football of which wouldn’t be far of league 3 or non-league standard in the UK… Bridges needs to get back to reality and start getting a game himself of which he struggles to do in the A League for f… sake which says it all!

  • Chris

    Hilarious! Heskey is utter shite and now playing essentially non league football.

    HeskeyCAM? Seriously, I’d rather watch paint dry.