Newcastle United and Tottenham legend David Ginola set to enter football management, quite fancies a spell at Halifax Town

Posted by - November 5, 2012 - Newcastle United, Non-league, Tottenham

With his luscious locks, silky football skills and penchant for acting, David Ginola is synonymous with a bit of glamour and sophistication. Yet of late, you’ll find him grinding out a coaching badge in Wales and throwing his managerial hat in the ring for FC Halifax Town.

When asked at the weekend whether he fancied cutting his immaculate teeth at the non-league outfit, the tricky former winger replied: “Why not? I mean it’s a learning process anyway.”

Perhaps not the most impassioned ‘come and get me’ plea in the world, but a sign of the Frenchman’s continuing love affair with English football and his hunger to get in the dug-out.

Normally we would call such an unlikely link-up a load of old cobblers… that was until ex-Barca stalwart Edgar Davids popped up at Barnet FC for a spot of lower league coaching last month.

Unfortunately, it seems that we’ll have to wait at least another year to see if Ginola does the right thing and installs Fastino Asprilla as his number 2. 

Speaking on his progress, the 45-year-old said: “I passed my CNB licence in Wales, I need to spend some time at Spurs doing my hours for the A licence this year. It will take some time and hopefully next year I will be able to be involved with a club and wind up being a manager in the next year or two.”

He added: “There’s not so many former players who have been successful as managers, there’s just a few. It doesn’t mean a thing, you just have to learn, you just have to understand, it’s a different position, a different attitude, you’ve got different issues.

“As a player you think about yourself, as a manager you think about others.”

So, how do you think the shampoo poster boy of yesteryear will fare? Real Madrid or L’Oreal Madrid? Traditionally ex-defenders and midfield generals tend to be best suited to stepping up to the tactics board.

We can’t recall too many skillful wingers becoming great managers. If you can think of any, pop them in the comments section below.

  • alan

    good luck to him

  • kevin

    pls take over from AVB &save us from the torture of watching AVB trying to protect small leads!!