Neymar skies penalty for Brazil

Posted by - November 15, 2012 - Fail, Golazo, South America

Neymar may pretty much have things going his own way, with the world’s largest clubs fighting over his future and being nominated for the Puskas Award (which he won last year), but football has a lovely way of bringing you down back to earth.

And so it transpired during Brazil v Colombia, when the young striker hit a penalty higher than I have ever seen one hit before. That’s no exaggeration either, because from the camera high behind the goal you actually think that the ball is going to smash the lens for a moment.

The Brazilian did take a fairly suspicious look at the turf, whilst Colombian players and fans celebrated in disbelief.

The striker had earlier scored a lovely equaliser for the Samba boys, so only right that he was taken down a peg or two