Top 10 conclusions: Premier League weekend, 17-18 November

Posted by - November 19, 2012 - Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

1. Perhaps pitch-length goal celebrations are an effective way for Emmanuel Adebayor to get rid of some adrenaline when he’s playing against Arsenal. A relatively subdued celebration was followed by a reckless red card challenge on Santi Cazorla.

2. We’re not sure if flicking through a notepad of tactics in the dugout seemingly looking for inspiration gives the right impression, Andre Villas Boas. Then again, perhaps he’d hidden the Beano inside.

3. You’ve heard of Pilkington Glass, now Manchester United are more familiar than they’d like to be with the Pilkington Glance.

4. With Steve Clarke, Roberto Di Matteo and Eddie Newton already in attendance, West Brom should have invited Frode Grodas along on Saturday and made it a proper reunion for Chelsea’s 1997 FA Cup-winning side.

5. Chelsea’s traditional nervy November shows no sign of passing just yet. Di Matteo can be thankful that winning the Champions League earns you more patience than AVB was ever afforded.

6. Shane Long’s t-shirt tribute to his nan made for a nice example of Republic of Ireland internationals respecting their grandmothers rather than bringing them into disrepute. Yes, we’re looking at you, Stephen Ireland.

7. Glenville Adam James Le Fondre made a case for his name to be on the Reading teamsheet more regularly after he earned Reading a first win of the season.

8. Things are not looking good for Mark Hughes and his merry band of no-hopers after defeat to Southampton in El Sackico. A slick performance from Nige Adkins’ men suggests they might have been Puncheon below their weight in recent weeks.

9. We’ve finally discovered what makes Carlos Tevez smile: driving an imaginary car.

10. Ask a Tottenham fan the time at 1.55pm today and they’ll tell you it’s ‘one fifty five’. Ask an Arsenal fan and they’ll tell you it’s ‘five to two’.