Advent Calendar: Manchester City’s strangest Christmas gift

Posted by - December 8, 2012 - Advent Calendar, Manchester City

For each day of advent (or up until the 21st) we will be looking at the club shop of each Premier League club to pick out the strangest or oddest gift.

Today is the turn of Manchester City, and this gift just seems really weird.

Why on earth yyou would want a ‘bobblehead’ a mini plastic statu of a figure whose head wobbles from side-to-side when knocked is beyond me. But why you would want this figure to be of Mario Balotelli (whilst bearing very little resemblance to the striker) and pay fifteen of your hard-earned pounds for privilege is just mental, surely?

It looks as if the manufacturers had a surplus of Mr T statues to me.

  • jamesusa2020

    This is Mario Barwuah Balotelli, isn’t he.He is a wonderful player,but his nature is always angry.That’s why he is a funny person to us.This gift for Christmas is really awesome. Fans are really very excited to get this gift.You see that what they said,”why always we?”