Advent Calendar: Southampton’s strangest Christmas gift

Posted by - December 16, 2012 - Advent Calendar, Southampton

For each day of advent we will be looking at the club shop of each Premier League club to pick out the strangest or oddest gift.

Today is the turn of Southampton, and it must be said that the club shop looks really budget. A lot of the formatting of the site looks like an online store made by a teenager in the 1990s. It has flashing text and block capital everywhere, spells hoodies as ‘hoody’s’ and mail order as Mailorder. Hmmm.

The best example of the site being crap is when you click the rather medically sounding ‘Ladies Products’. It takes you through a screen which reveals that the club sell four different pieces of clothing for women, a pitifully low amount.

However, the definition of the site is the image above, a get well soon card branded in the club’s colours, but it just looks like it was made on Microsoft Paint.

  • Olly Chanot

    Have to admit it is bad, but it does what I need it too, might not be flashy but as Ive had to get used to it, it does what I need, just need to improve its categories


    I dont really see whats wrong with it really, its a get well soon card, whats wrong with that?

  • Cameroonay

    Ah well. At least the club shop is much nicer looking

  • d

    As a Saints Fan and a Web Content Manager, I find the site revamp is both needlessly flashy and rubbish. Personally the ticket purchase process and ticket information is more of a worrying than the get well soon card.

    Lack of comment or feedback options are disappointing but the charges incurred by using the site to purchase tickets is the cherry on the cake