Advent Calendar: Stoke City’s strangest Christmas gift

Posted by - December 17, 2012 - Advent Calendar, Stoke City

For each day of advent we will be looking at the club shop of each Premier League club to pick out the strangest or oddest gift.

Today is the turn of Stoke City, who have really stunk the place out with this effort.

Picture the scene: You have completed your shop on a Saturday morning and stride towards the till. As the checkout assistant scans the first item she asks the golden question “Would you like a bag sir?”. “No, ta” you reply, taking this monstrosity out from your coat pocket. You put a loaf of bread into the bag, and then all that is decent in the world suddenly ends.

Yes, that’s right. This bag (yours for just £5.50) actually plays the song ‘Delilah’ whenever you put something into it. What makes someone buy and then use such a thing?

It all just raises one question? Why, why, why.