Advent Calendar: Sunderland’s strangest Christmas gift

Posted by - December 18, 2012 - Advent Calendar, Sunderland

For each day of advent we will be looking at the club shop of each Premier League club to pick out the strangest or oddest gift.

Today is the turn of Sunderland, and this epitomises much of what makes me feel sick about Britain today (I’m aware that that is a massive statement).

I simply don’t get the ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ craze. It is indicative of the lazy catchphrase culture that has seeped into our lives, highlighted at its worst by programmes such as Take Me Out and The Only Way Is Essex. The phrase (which was actually used in wartime to help protect lives) has been bastardised to the Nth degree. You can buy a card labelled ‘Keep Reem and Stay Well Jl’ which is just about enough to cut off all my appendages and eat them over a period of a month.

Football, rather predictably, doesn’t miss its opportunity to jump on any money-making bandwagon, and Sunderland’s effort is a computer mousemat with the phrase ‘Keep Red and White and Carry On’, with the added filthy touch of below stating ‘says XXXXX’ so you can personalise the horror.

Sunderland’s website provides a handy description:

This is a fabulous present for any Sunderland fan and is approved and fully licensed by Sunderland FC.
We merge your recipient’s details onto the mouse mat to read “Keep Red & White and Carry on says FORENAME SURNAME”
A superb gift for any occasion and is sure to make any Sunderland Fan Smile

The worst thing about that last statement is that it may well be true.

Rant over.