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Advent Calendar: West Ham’s strangest Christmas gift

Posted by - December 23, 2012 - Advent Calendar, West Ham

For each day of advent we will be looking at the club shop of each Premier League club to pick out the strangest or oddest gift.

Today is the turn of West Ham, and it is remarkable that the winner is not a club-branded hard hat for use on a building site at the price of £28.

Instead have gone for a product that just sums up how mad football club marketing and product design has become. It is an item than has properties that bare no relation to each other.

It is a football-related dog toy = no link
It is a West Ham-related dog toy = no link
It is a duck-related dog toy = no link
It is a duck-related football product = no link
It is a duck-related West Ham product = no link

Sounds about right for football these days.