Chelsea fans taunt Leeds with Jimmy Savile chants

Posted by - December 21, 2012 - Chelsea, EFL Cup, Football videos, Leeds United

Chelsea supporters used this week’s Capital One Cup clash with Leeds United to taunt opposition supporters over the city’s connection to sexual predator Jimmy Savile.

In reference to the late broadcaster hailing from Leeds, Blues fans chanted: “He’s one of your own, He’s one of your own, Jimmy Savile, He’s one of your own!”

Not that Leeds supporters had much ground to take offence. They unleashed their own chants glorifying Savile soon after the revelations about the disgraced star’s catalogue of sexual assaults emerged.

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  • mightyleeds

    Typical crap article always trying to shift any blame back onto Leeds United supporters! Wheres your evidence of any Leeds United fan “glorifying” Savile exactly? Why would we associate with a man whom we never did whilst he was alive? He wasn’t an active “high profile” follower of my club. To the best of my knowledge he never attended any games. In fact I wouldn’t stake a tenner on him actually ever been a football fan at all! Why are we “vile” when a section, (same as clearly many other clubs had done previously), chanted to Jones, yet it was selective hearing by him, (& selective reporting), when his own fans had stoked it up with Savile taunts beforehand? This hatred of LUFC just shows how inbalanced even moderate folk become when my clubs name is in the fore. Apparantly where th only club with hooligans-seems your average Chelsea fan carries spare cue balls & flares as a matter of course whilst attending a football match? Mustbe the norm as none of the National Press have bothered to report these incidents. Nor the 11 arrested all been Chelsea fans! Oh but a poor LUFC follower drops a bit of litter & its a damning indication that everyone associated with the club is a harbitual litter lout! Get a grip & report with an even hand or stop pretending your nothing more than yet another set up out to make cheap headlines from my club.
    To the 3000 Chelsea who were allowed to attend the other night, (originally I was disgusted by WYP limiting this figure-but having seen at close range the majority hurling insults,spitting-even though their was a void between us & trying to “eyeball” anyone they could in the Leeds United section)-then I applaud them for keeping the southern runts at home. Everton fans were pretty much the same when they came too. What is it with these PL clubs who keep telling us we mean nothing to them?

  • aclarke72

    Who cares?. If anyone’s offended by this, then you shouldn’t be going to football.
    Leeds fans always give as good as they get and it’s water off a ducks back to us.
    Just don’t go whinging to the authorities when you get some back. The article is referring to Leeds fans at Hillsborough who sang “there’s only one Jimmy Saville” which was an instant response to Wednesday fans singing “you’re just a town full of Paedo’s”. If you can;t stand the heat get out of the kitchen but don’t pretend to be offended by it. It’s football banter and always has been.

  • El Tel

    I think he’s refering to the “He shags who he wants, He shags who he wants, he’s Jimmy Saville he shags who he wants” retort used at away games when home fans try and taunt us with some Saville chant. Your right to say he was never a Leeds fan and the taunt really doesnt bother any Leeds fan – it would be nice to hear something original for a change, BTW what the f**k was the Gary Glitter song all about! (if it’s he’s a pedo too then its a pathetic link).

  • Allant

    Jimmy Who Nowt to do with Leeds United and never had…

  • LUFC69

    A bit rich them singing about a paedo when they had one on their coaching staff who did time for having his end away with a 15 year old.