FAIL – Colchester United’s Brian Wilson loses the ball during own goal

Posted by - December 11, 2012 - Fail, Football videos, League One

Everyone likes a really comedy own goal. Whether it’s Lee Dixon lobbing the ball over David Seaman from forty yards out, or Chris Brass belting the ball into his own face for Bury, these are often the goals that stick into our minds, long after Danny Baker and Nick Hancock have finished recalling them on long lost VHSs.

This effort from Brian Wilson of Colchester United goes straight up into the upper echelons of comedic value. In his side’s game against Oldham, the defender managed to actually lose the football in the process of his OG.

When a shot comes in from the right hand side of the penalty area, there seems no danger when the goalkeeper makes a fairly regulation save, but the ball then hits Wilson on the back of the leg. The ball then dribbles towards the goal, but with Wilson looking around for its location without actually spotting it, said ball just rolls over the line to the delight of the Oldham players and despair of Wilson.