FAIL – FIFA manage to screw up Confederations Cup draw

Posted by - December 2, 2012 - Fail

Good old FIFA eh, always making things very easy for us. After a period of time when Sepp Blatter has been thankfully quiet General Secretary Jerome Valcke managed to take on his boss’ mantle by completely ballsing up the draw for the 2013 Confederations Cup.

Uruguay’s name was drawn out of the hat, and they were to be placed into Group A position three. Valcke, however, mistakenly took things into his own hands by putting the country into Group B position three, a position that Tahiti were then drawn into.

Valcke was forced to backtrack and moved Uruguay into Group B position 2, not exactly exuding professionalism.

Thankfully, the secretary of one of the world’s most important organisations explained it thusly: “It was a bit of a chaotic draw, sorry for that. It’s sad these things happen in life, this is my first time.”

Ahem, also, Tahiti?? Ranked 139 in the world, they should be wished good luck for games against Spain, Uruguay and the winner of the African Cup of Nations.