GIF it: Shaun Derry really hates conceding goals

Posted by - December 9, 2012 - GIF It, QPR

Harry Redknapp could probably do with more players that actually care enough to beat the ground in anger and frustration, but that doesn’t mean that this GIF isn’t brilliant.

Shaun Derry was so annoyed by QPR conceding the first goal of the game against Wigan at the DW Stadium that he threw his toys out of the pram and had a tremendous little tantrum.

I could sort of understand the reaction if it was a last minute defeat or equaliser, but Wigan scored after less than twenty minutes.

Spotted on 101GG

  • JR

    That was the second goal mate! 16 games in without a win, finally take the lead, and concede again within 3 minutes. It is understandable!

  • Trellick

    Think that is clint hill not derry

  • Tim QPR

    That was not only the second goal, bt it wasn’t even Saun Derry!!!! It is Clint Hill!!!! Rubbish journalism, can’t get the basics right!!!

  • Neil QPR

    Its Clint Hill and the second goal, and its totally understandable.

  • Joe QPR

    qpr haven’t won a game all season, wigan is a massive one… how is it hard to understand why he’d hit the ground? they want the lead


    He now knows how Emile Heskey felt..