Juventus’ Leonardo Bonucci does ridiculous dive, team-mate Nicklas Bendtner mocks him

Posted by - December 11, 2012 - Italy, Quotes


Conversations around diving are getting more and more airtime on our televisions as officials try to clamp down on the practice, but are still conned by players falling to the ground too easily in an effort to gain an advantage over the opposition.

However, I think we can all agree that there isn’t much better than a really comedy, over-played and ridiculous effort that results in a red face and yellow card for the perpetrator. And this week, that award goes to Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci, who has set the bar pretty high in terms of poor simulation.

Bonucci got into the penalty area during his side’s 1-0 victory over Palermo, but when the Palermo goalkeeper came rushing out to meet him, Bonucci just threw himself to the floor, booked in the process.

Bonucci’s team-mate Nicklas Bendtner, who came on as a substitute during the game, could not resist a sly dig at his friend on Twitter, simple tweeting:

Who shot bonucci? 😉 haha