Say it aint so! Manchester City forced to expose promising Mario Balotelli Twitter account as a fake

Posted by - December 3, 2012 - Manchester City, Twitter

Sports journalists were in mourning today after Manchester City stepped in to reveal a seemingly credible Mario Balotelli Twitter account as a  load of old cobblers. Starting on Friday a flurry of messages turned up under the guise of @MarioUfficialeB – many spouting the kind of enigmatic quotes we’ve come to expect from the maverick, with one tweet stating “No one will change me, i am who i am. this is me if you do not like then don’t notice me that is all.” So far, so Balotelli.

Hopes were raised another few notches after a truly sensational picture of the forward was uploaded. Madcap enough to win the Turner Prize, it shows an army-uniformed Mario Balotelli flanked by a camouflaged Bentley and quad bike. Quite the look and one winning the account over 3000 retweets and topping up followers to the 49,000 mark. Throw in an image of Mario sporting an enormous pair of binoculars for no good reason and everything starts to get very exciting indeed.

OTP’s reaction was rather reminiscent of Mulder’s mantra Aliens in the X-Files, ‘We want to believe.’ However just as our trembling finger was hovering over the bookmark tab, our hopes were dashed. Presumably inundated with camouflage catalogues, Manchester City were forced to go on record to expose the account as a fake. You can almost here Roberto Mancini exhale in relief. The Twitter statement read:

“Please note, Mario Balotelli does not have a Twitter account,’ the Blues wrote on their Twitter account. All those posing as him are fake. If he joins, we will let you know! #mcfc”

Cruel, cruel world.