Sheffield Wednesday’s Jeremy Helan booked twice but not sent off

Posted by - December 30, 2012 - Championship, Oddballs

Referee Mick Russell has some serious explaining to do this morning after he made a huge mistake during Saturday’s lunchtime game between Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday.

Half way through the first half, Russell booked Jeremy Helan, who had already received a caution earlier in the game. However, despite the obvious protestations from the Huddersfield players, the referee allowed Helan to stay on the field for the entire ninety minutes, and he earned his side a precious away point.

Even Sheffield Wednesday’s official Twitter feed saw the problem:

Helan appears to have been given a second yellow card, but not given the red. The game continues and there’s much confusion! #swfc

Ex-Football League Official Tony Leake suggested that Huddersfield could push for a replay:

You cannot rule out the possibility of a replay.If Huddersfield won the game 3-0 I would not expect that to happen. But if Huddersfield believe the player being on the field meant the result did not go in their favour then it could be that the game is replayed.

Can’t see that happening, or side’s that conceded offside goals could also say that the laws had not been applied correctly?

Footage of the incident seems hard to come by, so you will have to do with the classic yellow card trick from Graham Poll in World Cup 2006.