Sir Alex Ferguson launches chewing gum into the air during Boxing Day touchline tirade

Posted by - December 27, 2012 - Manchester United, Newcastle United, Premier League

We’re all used to Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson throwing his toys out of the pram, but yesterday’s Boxing Day match produced a new spoilt toddler antic to add to his growing list – a chewing gum projectile no less.  In the midst of a relentless hair-dryer embalming of the linesman, Fergie’s gum decided it couldn’t take any more of the eardrum-perforating nonsense and made a heroic leap for safety.

Like any good performer, Fergie carried on as if nothing had happened and continued to chomp away at the official’s ear lobes instead. The touchline tirade was spawned by the main talking point from the thrilling match-up against Newcastle United – a game that saw Manchester United copy and paste their legendary style – securing the three points with a last-minute winner.

The controversial incident took place when Jonny Evans scored an own goal in the first-half to give Newcastle United a 2-1 lead. The friendly-fire from the centre-back was initially chalked off after the linesman flagged striker Papiss Cisse as off-side – a decision overruled by referee David Dean who felt Cisse was not interfering with play. Cue the magma chamber in Ferguson’s head getting a little bit bubbly.

As much as we hate to say it, we actually side with Alan Shearer’s punditry on this one. As the sharp-elbowed Toon legend  observed on Match of the Day – the only interference we can see is Evans clutching hold of Cisse for a Christmas cuddle. Take a peek at the incident yourself:

To be a goal or not to be a goal? That is the question.

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