Spartak Moscow striker Ari shows off inventive in-flight sleeping tactic

Posted by - December 6, 2012 - Oddballs

It’s a little bit surreal that Spartak Moscow film their players on the club’s private jet, then realeasing the footage on Youtube, but it does mean we get a wonderful insight into striker Ari’s sleeping habits.

Whilst most of his team mates are shown playing on iPads or watching films, the closest that most get to sleeping invention is lying across all three seats – nothing crazy so far.

Brazilian striker Ari blows this out of the water, when he is filmed lying on the floor of the plane to sleep. The forward has first laid a blanket down on the floor, and then used official Spartak Moscow pillows and extra blankets to create a den under which he can sleep. He shows the cameraman a cheeky glimpse of his face, looking like a mouse caught hibernating beyong the usual winter months.

And who says footballers are one-dimensional.

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