The Sun expose Liam Ridgewell wiping his arse with £20 notes

Posted by - December 2, 2012 - West Brom

Here is one that football fans will like as the expense of Christmas sets in, often making us choose whether we can afford to go and watch our footballing heroes.

The Sun newspaper has today revealed a picture of West Brom’s Liam Ridgewell wiping his bum with £20 notes. The player claims that the photo was simply taken as a prank and sent to a friend, but you would have thought (I’m being overly generous here) that a millionaire footballer might think twice before sending such a photo.

It all smells a little bit of sh*t and the overpaid idiot footballer that the league produces.

Image tweeted by 101GG

  • gundubaja

    mmm … nice thighs!

  • lookingforahoochiemama

    For fucks sake!!!! it’s HIS money.

    He never go into someone else’s house and steal a bunch of 20’s.

  • Republic

    I wipe my arse with any pictures of the royal family.