Arsenal fans rejoice: Walcott signs!

Posted by - January 4, 2013 - Arsenal, Spoof

That’s right, we’ve put together a selection of some of the finest signs from around the picturesque Norfolk village of Walcott for all Gooners to enjoy.

  • Faiz

    I saw this coming from a mile away!

  • cock

    stupid twat

  • Star

    you are foolish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robin van Persie

    hehehe. I know you will join me for trophies

  • Bob

    This is hilarious! Well done dude

  • Reagon Bessick

    Dumb Fuck

  • Ry

    Fucking ass holes

  • Winks

    SO much hate in the previous comments … Personally I love it!

  • walcott

    messi signs!!!

  • innit

    Hah! Twat :))

  • pleb

    sucked in! arsenal fans believe anything

  • Yannick Elysee

    sign Fabregas!

  • Jason Hareward-Thompson

    i have to say, this is rather witty and whimsical in equal measure. I was expecting to read that we had signed the tricky winger who has a desire to be a centre forward, Theo Walcott. I was totally fooled.

  • EjGunners

    pls pls pls whoever did dis should learn to use his or her head.we arsenal fans don’t like follish jokes