Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere pictured wearing West Ham shirt

Posted by - January 18, 2013 - Arsenal, Kitman, West Ham

Relax Arsenal fans, it’s not the biggest shock in transfer window history! The pictures above show Jack Wilshere as a young whipper-snapper taking a shine to the West Ham strip. Just to make us all feel old, we’re pretty sure the likes of Paolo Di Canio trotted about in that very jersey edition.

Although the picture suddenly did the rounds on Twitter on Thursday, it was originally uploaded by Jack last year – a potentially dopey idea, but at least it shows the combative midfielder can have a laugh at himself.

His accompanying tweet back then was: “This is me when I was younger haha don’t worry Gooners had a Overmars one as well!”

While there may be a minority of Arsenal fans out there who take offence to such a sight, most of us can agree that whilst it’s romantic to play for the team you supported as a nipper, the main thing is that the player gives the proverbial ‘110 per cent’ when he straps up his boots.

That was certainly the case for England international in mid-week as he put in a magnificent performance against Swansea, bagging a goal and pulling the strings more elegantly than a period drama character whipping off her corset.

Image: Twitter/Jack Wilshere

  • ChimchimCherwoo

    Everyone knows jack and he’s family are Westham and that he will be playing for the rip roaring hammers when we move into our 60,000 Olympic stadium. Never mind woolwich we will let you have diame by then,to help you stay in mid-table.

  • RealisticGooner

    ..Yeah and Messi will give barca the finger and come to his beloved Arsenal! #Dreams