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Boooo! Luis Suarez cheats to score against non-league Mansfield Town

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  • booze

    buhaha! You are an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    It’s reaction, if you ever played football then you would know. Also he was running…. You don’t run with your hands by your side.

  • Marky Capel

    pulling a oppenents shirt is a form of cheating happens every 5 minutes in a game , players dive and just not suarez, in every game theyres all sorts of cheating that goes on , if any thing suarez had the opportunity to take the tag of cheating if he had told the ref it his hand , but like many others in football you do what you have to do to win , it was a great game and well done mansfield you battled hard and fought all the way and can hold your heads up high despite the result and how it was won

  • Jon

    You obviously never played football at any decent level. His body movement and where the ball riccoheted meant it was very difficult to move his hand. Ball to hand, not hand to ball. It is up to the refs/linesman to award it also and if Suarez would have reacted badly against a disallowed goal – by all means criticism is warranted. But when a decision is given in a footballers/football teams favour – how often do they shout at the ref to award the decision against them???

    Too much anti-Suarez propangda and perpuating it with rubbish articles like this!!!

  • Me

    I think you should actually try and play football, I don’t think you have try running with your hands by your side and see how it goes, to me it was accident hand-ball, he’s running forwards for the ball, it rebounds of the goalkeepers leg and hits his hands.

    Here’s a question for you, your playing in the world cup final final 5 minute and your through on goal and the ball hits you on the hand and you put it in the back of the net, the ref hadn’t seen it and gives a goal, would you honestly admit to the ref it came of your hand?

  • suarez

    that fuckin commentator is a biased twat, if he was suarez, what would he have done, ? leave suarez alone, bastards

  • madafaka

    it was a handball…but not Suarez’s fault..the linesman didn’t see, the referee didn’t see…who’s fault was that?

  • LFC

    Here it all goes again, if it was Bale or van persie nothing would get said but because it is Suarez everybody well make a big thing out of it. If Suarez played in your team you would not care

  • Boohoo

    Gamesmanship is one thing, cheating is another. Evidence shows that Suarez is a serial cheat and a player who consistently fails to demonstrate any ‘spirit of the game’. Is that what LFC stand for these days?

  • Snark FC

    Because people remember a player with a history. Nobody ‘invented’ Suarez being a racist twat or diving to punch a ball of the line in a world cup quarter. People remember a player with no sense of fair play. Just because a player is ‘in your team’ doesn’t mean you have to put with all the nonsense he carries on with…or is Joey Barton your role model? You’ll Never Wank Alone.