Chelsea’s Eden Hazard sent-off for kicking a Swansea ball boy

Posted by - January 23, 2013 - Chelsea, EFL Cup, GIF It, Swansea

Chelsea’s Capital One Cup semi-final defeat to Swansea descended into farce when Eden Hazard was shown a red card for kicking a ball boy.

The lad was not returning the ball quickly enough for the Belgian’s liking, causing a struggle between the pair which ended with the ball boy lying on top of the ball.

Hazard kicked the ball out from underneath him, giving him a boot in the ribs for his troubles.

Referee Chris Foy interpreted the situation as violent conduct and sent Hazard off.

The ball boy rolled around on the floor for a while before being led away from the pitch clutching his ribs.

  • Boohoo

    This whole thing was bizarre, and happened so quickly.

    The really funny bit was the ballboy rolling around doing his best CR7 looking for a free kick or something.