El Hadji Diouf has photo taken with child blacked-up in his honour

Posted by - January 2, 2013 - Championship, Leeds United, Lookalikes, Twitter

Don’t quite now how to cover this one, but fair to say that the competition for the weirdest sporting photo of 2013 has been ruled almost obsolete on New Year’s Day.

A Leeds United supporting parent actually deemed it appropriate to engineer a photo opportunity with player El Hadji Diouf by blacking up his child and giving him a bleached blonde mohican.

It really is a complete moral cock up, but the child quickly became a Twitter ‘star’. Quite why you feel the necessity to go the whole hog to display your love for Dioufy is unclear to be honest.

Ex-Leeds player Robert Snodgrass waded into the debate on Twitter:

Can’t a kid @LufcKai dress up as one of his favourite players these days without people moaning . We were kids once . #worldsgonemad

Can’t a kid show that he loves a player without resorting to offensive imagery instigated by a parent that should be ashamed? #worldsgonemad

  • John

    So it is offensive that a white kid idolises a black guy and wants to dress and look like him? Political correctness is ridiculous. Nothing offensive about that at all, if anything it’s a sign of progress. Wake up to yourselves and don’t be such wankers.

  • Daniel Storey

    What is interesting to me is the outcry when some Spanish F1 fans blacked up to look like Lewis Hamilton, and yet with this incident nothing? My ire is not at the kid ‘wanting to dress like him’, it is the parent that deemed it appropriate to do the act of blacking up the child which seems crazy.

  • dada

    Stop being ridiculous, you do not live under a rock..