Ethiopan goalkeeper has a moment of madness in game against Zambia

Posted by - January 22, 2013 - Africa, Football videos

The African Cup of Nations is a brilliant tournament. Part of this is because it unites a continent, many of the countries in which conflict has affected of is affecting, and demonstrates the positive effect that football can have.

It’s also amazing because ridiculous things seem to happen. Whether it’s crazy fans, alternative goalkeeping styles or elaborate celebrations, everyone just seems to have a good time.

Apart from Jemal Tassew, that is. The Ethiopian keeper had a rather mad few seconds of action in which he came haring out of his goal at Zambia striker Chisamba Lungu, Kung Fu kicking the forward after he had shot on goal.

The goalie then claimed injury, staying on the floor for a number of minutes whilst being treated by physios, which all seemed rather suspicious.

The referee was having none of it, however, and as Tassew was being carried off the field he received a red card for his troubles, which was completely deserved.