Hamburg fan auditions for to be British Bulldog world champion

Posted by - January 13, 2013 - Germany, Oddballs

This is a brilliant video.

Whilst we in no way advocate going onto the field of play when there is a game in progress, this fella in Germany at least does it in style during Hamburg’s friendly against Austria Vienna.

The fan doesn’t bother with getting naked, it is January after all, and managed to go on a crazy run that left all the fans in the ground cheering fot the intruder.

Firstly, the gentleman takes the ball off a Hamburg player and jinked past the first steward. Realising that his skill level cannot involve multitasking, the ball is left aside as a second steward if left with ball at feet but intruder past him. The third steward is a complete joke in fairness, just casually kneeling on the edge of the six-yard box.

The run is finally ended by a reasonably firm rugby tackle that takes the wind out of him, and the camera cuts to the crowd who are whooping with joy at the spectacle.