Kuwaiti goalkeeper manages to persuade referee to delay game while he uses the toilet

Posted by - January 13, 2013 - Asia, Oddballs

When a goalkeeper is on a side that loses 5-1 at home, one can sympathise with the individual.

However, I’m not sure that that means they should receive the special treatment enjoyed by the Al Sulaibikhat stopper in Kuwait.

As the slightly grainy footage shows, the goalkeeper runs out of his goal and asks to leave the field. Because it is a goalkeeper, the official has, we suppose, little choice but to delay the game whilst he went to the dressing room.

However, it later became evident that the goalie was not receving treatment on an injury, but instead just receiving relieving himself in the toilet. It all seems a little bizarre, and yet it makes you wonder why it hasn’t happened before?

Spotted on 101GG