Liverpool owner John W. Henry tweets “I’m broke” in response to Wesley Sneijder transfer speculation

Posted by - January 18, 2013 - Liverpool, Transfer News and Gossip, Twitter

Liverpool fans were given an unlikely insight into their prospects for the rest of the January transfer window when owner John W. Henry appeared to declare he was out of clash on Twitter.

Henry’s account responded to a tweet asking him to bring Wesley Sneijder to Anfield with a simple: “im broke.”

The Reds owner was replying to a tweet from chris_haire1986, which read: “@John_W_Henry if possible please make a bid for Wesley sneijder to bring to LFC family. He’s quality and wants to come #missinglinkYNWA.”

The reply appeared, but was quickly deleted. The lack of capital letters and an apostrophe seems unusual in comparison to Henry’s usual Twitter style, but there has not yet been any claims from Henry that his account was hacked.

  • ian

    Fake! As professional businessman Henry is why would he just put I’m broke?. Also he wouldn’t reply to a message in the blink of an eye. Times are the same one is 12h and the other guys is 24hr time setting.

  • Tomwerner

    he hasnt tweeted since June 2012 = Rubbish

  • patrick

    Rodgers said he’s hopeful we’ll get another player. I’m just glad we got Sturridge, he looks quality and very pacey..

  • Anonymous

    as rory smith said, wes is not what we need, he doesnt press and where exactly would he fit. most fans see a big name and just want for the sake of it.
    we’d be better off getting stoorman

  • Bomber25

    Henry should come out and deny it.

  • David

    Then you do not deserve to own this club. Sell it to some worthy person before we are cemented in mid table.

  • Gaz

    Why should he come out and deny it? To believe that he is broke is ridiculous. He is the head of FSG and FSG own Boston Red Sox, a nascar team, a sports network, a sports management company and Liverpool. Each run as their own entity, which is exactly the way it should be. As owners of Liverpool, they are spending 150 million to refurbish Anfield, during this period, we won’t have as much money as other clubs, but that by no means we are broke. FSG are playing it smart, they make a lot of money with the Red Sox, but they don’t take the money they make out of that franchise and put it into Liverpool, although some Liverpool fans think they should. How would these same fans feel if Liverpool were making a lot of revenue through Champion’s League and merchandising etc, and FSG took money out of LFC to finance moves for players for Boston Red Sox?

  • Gaz

    Ridiculous that you actually believe this. Lol

  • Asdf Z. Qwerty

    It’s obviously photoshopped and a bit embarrassing that this blog and blogger (Rob Parker) would deem it to be legitimate and newsworthy, pathetic really.

  • Anonymous

    if you are broke then sell the club…

  • Rob

    If you believe this you are a lemon. Whoever faked it well done on the grammar fail

  • Anonymous

    Where would he fit in? Joe Allan’s position for starters!

  • G153

    Look at the size of the font. Chris_Haire’s username is much smaller that JWH’s. If it was a screen grab they would be the same size. It’s obviously photoshop… and a pretty bad attempt at it too.

  • nicky

    No.1 there sud b one of then blue ticks on d right nd number 2 he hasnt being on twitter in over a year