Liverpool’s Fabio Borini buys his sister some sexy underwear?!

Posted by - January 29, 2013 - Italy, Liverpool, Twitter

We know that Italian families like to stay close, but Fabio Borini’s present choices are verging towards incestuous in nature.

The Liverpool striker, who hasn’t exactly set Anfield alight since his £11million move from Roma, tweeted yesterday to wish his sister a happy birthday:

Happy birthday my little sister!!!!! You are the best!!!! I love you!!!!

All very normal, other than the horrendous over use of exclamation marks.

However, Borini then attached a photo of the presents he had bought for his sister, which included some sexy lingerie. I’ll be honest, that’s a little odd. What next, the Kama Sutra for his mum and dad for their anniversary?

  • jon wisby

    You are one sick puppy, i hope you seek help Daniel.

  • Gavin McDonald

    Not really its underwear, he hasn’t bought her a 12” dildo with his face on it! i’m sure as most people do these day she probably asked for what she got!

  • Ken Scott

    your just sick get a life

  • Anonymous

    who care really