Manchester City release Michael Johnson, proof he is now a fatty

Posted by - January 15, 2013 - Manchester City

It has taken a long time, but Guardian journalist Daniel Taylor today revealed that Manchester City have released 24-year-old midfielder Michael Johnson.

Johnson, who was seen a young superstar when he first broke into the Manchester City side aged 18, was rated highly in both Premier League and international terms, but has allowed his career to wane starkly. Sven-Goran Eriksson once said that he wouldn’t swap Johnson for Steven Gerrard after Liverpool offered £10m for the player.

Johnson suffered a series of injuries, but has also been partly responsible for his own downfall, being caught for drink-driving twice in a three-month period last year. He has also let himself go in terms of diet, as the photo below shows:

Johnson has been on a wage of £40,000 for the last four years. City have paid up a severance package to get the player off their books. One presumes that his career is now over.