Manchester United fan annoys his wife with goal celebration

Posted by - January 6, 2013 - FA Cup, Manchester United

This. Is. Beautiful.

You may think that the magic of the FA Cup has been lost recently, possibly since Manchester United opted out of the tournament in 1999. Managers picking understrength sides don’t help, but videos such as these perhaps show that a touch of that ol’ magic remains.

The video has gone viral, which is no surprise because it depicts a Manchester Untied fan sat in the pub with his (presumably) wife, celebrating like mad when Van Persie scores the equaliser for his side against West Ham yesterday. His wife is clearly annoyed, and tells him to calm down or she will leave.

The man simply points to the door, and continues celebrating and chanting for a minute or so, his wife continuing to berate him.


  • utd4life

    lol…now that`s epic