Manchester United fan urinates over Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli’s camouflaged Bentley

Posted by - January 29, 2013 - Manchester City, Manchester United

In a piece of cruel irony given the original purpose of camouflage, Mario Balotelli’s customised Bentley does help him stick out from the crowd slightly.

So when these Manchester United supporters spotted the Italian striker’s motor parked up they decided to pee on it. As you do.

The Sun reports: “The cheeky yob was pictured defacing the Manchester City striker’s £160,000 Bentley — amid rumours that he is imminently leaving the north west on a move to AC Milan in the transfer window. Another lout pulled his pants down to expose his behind before sitting on the car’s back window.”

As you do.

  • Darren O’Kane

    I’m failing to see how people think he is a manchester united fan, let’s face it, everyone hates Balotelli