Mark Lawrenson – The BBC football ‘EXPERT’

Posted by - January 25, 2013 - Arsenal, Fail

Mark Lawrenson takes a lot of stick. And it’s all fair because he is whiny, moaning, uninsightful and would bring down the BBC’s reputation for broadcasting football even if he was paying them to work there, nevermind his six-figure salary.

Still, if he has an in-depth knowledge of the game then at least that counts for something, right?

Lawrenson appeared on Question of Sport this week, and was shown some footage of Arsenal scoring a goal against Reading in the League Cup. A goal that was palpably scored by Marouane Chamakh.

Cut back to Lawro who was asked who had scored the goal. “Gervinho”, was his reply.

A kick in the teeth for every licence fee payer across the land.